Some days it's so easy Sometimes I forget how Much I want you back again Back again
Well maybe it's a game You win some and you lose some But when you've found a good one Don't you let her get away Don't let her go

If only I could have you
Just the way I want you
Oh, to have you back again
Back again baby

Walking past your window You used to smile and throw Your sweet kisses back to me Back to me
Remember when I asked you If you'd be my one true It seems like yesterday Just like yesterday

Oh yeah, and I'm just a fool baby Playing Mr. Cool baby Rolling round like I got nothing much to lose
But I know you and you know me And I know you can see So help me get my way back to you
Back to you

I want you so take me back please
Take me back my baby

If only I could have you
Just the way I want to
Just the way I was


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